Haze and Smoke Drift: Canadian Wildfires Reach US Cities

Smoke and haze from fires in Canada are affecting the air quality in the Northeastern United States, including cities like New York City and Washington.

A computer model is being used to predict where the thickest smoke will be near the ground in the next few hours.

Quebec has about 150 active fires, some of which have been burning for days or weeks.

The smoke from the Canadian fires has been pushed south into the United States and east towards heavily populated areas because of a storm off the coast of Nova Scotia.

The current weather pattern is expected to continue, causing ongoing haze in the region.

Fire season in Canada typically begins in May, a bit earlier than in the United States

There are currently over 400 active fires in Canada, with 240 of them out of control.

While major fire outbreaks in the United States have been limited so far, the frequency and severity of fires have been increasing, leading to longer and more destructive fire seasons.

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