BTS Member Kim Seojin has joined the mandatory military service  on 13 December 2022

He is The oldest Member of the BTS. (Born-4 December 1992) 

The band's management agency said in October that other BTS band members would also be called up for military service in the future.

In South Koreal,Military service is compulsory where almost all able-bodied males are required to serve in the military for 18 months by the age of 28. 

Jin posted a photo of himself with his new military haircut from before enlisting on Tuesday. "It looks more attractive than I expected," he said.

Jin has begun five weeks of training at a bootcamp near the border with North Korea.

This is very sad news for all BTS Army, all fans pray that he completes this military service period safely and soundly.

According to local news reports citing military officials, BTS member Suga may be fulfilling his military duty as a social service agent.