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Formula One (F1) Race

Formula One

Formula one (F1) racing is a global phenomenon and one of the most thrilling sports in the world. It is a high- speed , high-stakes competition where drives push themselves and theirs cars to the limit in pursuit of victory. F1 races are held on circuits specially designed for the sport. which are located all around the world, and are watched by millions of fans both on TV an in person.

Formula One

The governing body of F1 racing is the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), which is responsible for setting the rules and regulations of the sports. These regulations cover a wide range of aspect, from the specification of the car to behaviour of the drivers on the trach F1 racing is also renowned for its technological innovation with teams investing million of dollar each year to develop faster and more advance car.

History of Formula One (F1)

Formula one (F1) racing is a type of a car racing that has been around for a long time. It started in the early 1900s, but its wasn’t until the 1950s that it became an official world champion. At first, an Italian can company name Alfa Romeo was winning a lot, but then other companies from england and Italy Started to become more powerful.

Overtime, F1 racing got more advanced and faster, in the 1960s, they started using a different type of car layout that made the car faster and more agile. in the 1970s, British teams became the best, and they made the cars even faster with new aerodynamics.

In the 1980s there were two really good driver named Ayton senna and Alain Prost. they won a lot of world championship between them. in the 1990s they started using better technology, which made the cars perform better. one driver name Michael Schumacher was really good, and he won seven world championships.

In the 2000s, Schumacher and his team ferrari won a lot of championships, and they started using hybrid engines to make make the sport more environmentally friendly. nowadays, F1 racing is still changing and getting safer, and they are having races in different countries all over the world.

Rules of Qualifying Formula One (F1) Race

Lewis Hamilton

In Formula One (F1) racing, there are rules for deciding who starts in which position for the race. This is called qualifying. The qualifying process has three rounds, and after each round, the slowest drivers are removed.

In the first round, all drivers have 18 minutes to go as fast as they can. The five slowest drivers are removed, and the rest move on to the second round. In the second round, they have 15 minutes to go even faster, and the slowest five are removed. The remaining drivers move on to the third and final round, where they have 12 minutes to go as fast as possible. The driver who goes fastest in this round starts the race in first place.

During qualifying, drivers also have to follow some rules about how many tires they can use and how much fuel they have. These rules make sure that everyone has a fair chance and that nobody has an advantage.

The qualifying process is important because it determines where drivers start the race, which can make a big difference in their chances of winning. The rules make sure that everyone has a fair chance and that the best drivers are at the front of the grid.

Formula One (F1) World Champion Driver

1950Giuseppe FarinaItalyAlfa Romeo
1951Juan Manuel FangioArgentinaAlfa Romeo
1952Alberto AscariItalyFerrari
1953Alberto AscariItalyFerrari
1954Juan Manuel FangioArgentinaMercedes
1955Juan Manuel FangioArgentinaMercedes
1956Juan Manuel FangioArgentinaFerrari
1957Juan Manuel FangioArgentinaMaserati
1958Mike HawthornUKFerrari
1959Jack BrabhamAustraliaCooper-Climax
1960Jack BrabhamAustraliaCooper-Climax
1961Phil HillUSAFerrari
1962Graham HillUKBRM
1963Jim ClarkUKLotus-Climax
1964John SurteesUKFerrari
1965Jim ClarkUKLotus-Climax
1966Jack BrabhamAustraliaBrabham-Repco
1967Denis HulmeNew ZealandBrabham-Repco
1968Graham HillUKLotus-Ford
1969Jackie StewartUKMatra- Ford
1970Jochen RindtAustriaLotus-Ford
1971Jackie StewartUKTyrrell-Ford
1972Emerson FittipaldiBrazilLotus-Ford
1973Jackie StewartUKTyrrell-Ford
1974Emerson FittipaldiBrazilMcLaren – Ford
1975Niki LaudaAustriaFerrari
1976James HuntUKMcLaren – Ford
1977Niki LaudaAustriaFerrari
1978Mario AndrettiUSALotus-Ford
1979Jody ScheckterSouth AfricaFerrari
1980Alan JonesAustraliaWilliams – Ford
1981Nelson PiquetBrazilBrabham – Ford
1982Keke RosbergFinlandWilliams – Ford
1983Nelson PiquetBrazilBrabham- BMW
1984Niki LaudaAustriaMcLaren – TAG
1985Alain ProstFranceMcLaren – TAG
1986Alain ProstFranceMcLaren – TAG
1987Nelson PiquetBrazilWilliams – Honda
1988Ayrton SennaBrazilMcLaren – Honda
1989Alain Prost FranceMcLaren – Honda
1990Ayrton SennaBrazilMcLaren – Honda
1991Ayrton SennaBrazilMcLaren – Honda
1992Nigel MansellUKWilliams – Renault
1993Alain ProstFranceWilliams – Renault
1994Michael SchumacherGermanyBenetton – Ford
1995Michael SchumacherGermanyBenetton – Renault
1996Damon HillUKWilliams – Renault
1997Jacques VilleneuveCanadaWilliams – Renault
1998Mika HäkkinenFinlandMcLaren – Mercedes
1999Mika HäkkinenFinlandMcLaren – Mercedes
2000Michael SchumacherGermanyFerrari
2001Michael SchumacherGermanyFerrari
2002Michael SchumacherGermanyFerrari
2003Michael SchumacherGermanyFerrari
2004Michael SchumacherGermanyFerrari
2005Fernando AlonsoSpainRenault
2006Fernando AlonsoSpainRenault
2007Kimi RäikkönenFinlandFerrari
2008Lewis HamiltonUKMcLaren – Mercedes
2009Jenson ButtonUKBrawn – Mercedes
2010Sebastian VettelGermanyRed Bull – Renault
2011Sebastian VettelGermanyRed Bull – Renault
2012Sebastian VettelGermanyRed Bull – Renault
2013Sebastian VettelGermanyRed Bull – Renault
2014Lewis HamiltonUKMercedes
2015Lewis HamiltonUKMercedes
2016Nico RosbergGermanyMercedes
2017Lewis HamiltonUKMercedes
2018Lewis HamiltonUKMercedes
2019Lewis HamiltonUKMercedes
2020Lewis HamiltonUKMercedes
2021Max VerstappenNetherlandsRed Bull – Honda
2022Max VerstappenNetherlandsRed Bull – RBPT

In conclusion, we discussed various Formula One teams and their engine suppliers over the years. Some of the popular teams that we covered include Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Williams, and Brawn, while the engine suppliers included Renault, Ford, Honda, and Mercedes. We also mentioned some of the championship-winning drivers, such as Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, and Max Verstappen, who have raced for some of these teams. The world of Formula One is constantly evolving, and new teams and engine suppliers continue to enter the sport, making it an exciting and ever-changing competition.

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